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Researching: Who is Dolores Huerta
The Significance of Primary and Secondary Sources

Close reading and analysis of primary and secondary sources
To teach students how to analyze and summarize primary and secondary sources.
11.10.5 Discuss the diffusion of the civil rights movement from African Americans and how the advances influenced the agendas, strategies, and effectiveness of the quests of . . . Hispanic Americans for civil rights and equal opportunities.
HR1.  Students distinguish valid arguments from fallacious arguments in historical interpretations.
HR2. Students identify bias and prejudice in historical interpretations.
HR4. Students construct and test hypotheses; collect, evaluate, and employ information from multiple primary and secondary sources; and apply it in oral and written presentations.
Four to Five Days
Students will research online and read primary sources and answer questions from a worksheet.
Computer, Internet, notebook, primary reading, image from SVHO, and worksheet
Day 1 - Students will be assigned to research Dolores Huerta online and take notes on three different websites. After researching students will write a summary about whom they believe Dolores Huerta is from their notes.
Day 2 - Teacher will review with the class the students’ summaries about who is Dolores Huerta?
Students will be divided up in three groups and read a primary source interview with Dolores Huerta from the magazine El Chicano.  Students will discuss in their impressions after reading the interview and answer a worksheet (worksheet 1).
Day 3 - Students will read another primary source, The Legislative Report from 1961 by the Community Service Organization.  Students will answer questions again from a worksheet (worksheet 2).
Day 4 - After reading the secondary and primary sources students will write their own interpretation of who is Dolores Huerta? Students will review their notes, worksheets and think back to the discussions they had to write their summary on Dolores Huerta.
Day 5 - Students will proof read other students work to see the various interpretations of their peers and decide which is the best analysis of who is Dolores Huerta and why?
1.     Internet
2.     El Chicano. 1972. “An Interview with Dolores Huerta.” El Chicano January 18, 1973. Microfilm
3.     Worksheets “Worksheet 1 & 2” Listed below on pages 3 and 4.
4.     Community Service Organization. The Legislative Report.  Dept. of Special Collections/UCLA Library, A1713 Charles E. Young Research Library, Los Angeles;
5.    Image from SVHO:  Delores Huerta giving a public speech